Feature request: Possible better search function?

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  • The search function at the top does not always find items in event groups that are minimized.... so maybe this is a bug? Regardless, it would be nice to be able to search completely through all the events whether or not they're expanded, OR have the search function work 100% of the time.

    It's impossible to expand all the events with one click, or key stroke... you have to manually go through your entire sheets, and THEN search for the search to work properly.

  • Yeah I notice this too and it makes things hard for big games. +1

    Edit: If it is already too late for Construct 2, then I hope Construct 3 will have a better one.

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  • A way i found to "fix" the search not-always-working on unexpanded events: save and reload, then search.

    With huge projects such as mine, missing a single entry could potentially lead to nasty issues later on, so a proper search feature is mandatory.

    Also it would REALLY help if results were highlighted.

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