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  • When creating a synched object on the host, which then gets created on the peer, it would be great to have a one time synch action, the variables, booleans, the animation name, the animation frame, size opaque etc etc.


    At the end of the host's event to create/spawn a synched object, have it broadcast the current state of set variables and object states.


    The reason for a 1 time synch is that I often have certain booleans set on creation, and size, opaque, animation name and frame, and certain values in the variables.

    On all peers they would only need to be set once. Unless otherwise determined with the multiplayer synching options.

    This could save quite some work of back and forth communication when a peer has multiple objects, such as in an RTS game.

    It will make the general flow of having an object created in a multiplayer scenario far more construct 2 user friendly.

    The approach is easier to understand.


    Add an extra synching options, "Creation synch" which broadcasts all the objects states at the end of the hosts creation event/action.

    Why not current synch option:

    The current synching option goes down to a few communications per second. which in many scenarios is not required, and even undesired if you have a few dozen objects for several players.

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