[Feature Request] Object Variables Improvements

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  • <font size="4">Variable Grouping</font>

    So, right now, variables in construct 2's objects are a bit all over the place. We can create an unlimited number of variables, but i'd really like to be able to group them.

    This would only appear in the IDE, and would have no impact on the gameplay, but I'd be able to divide it in different sections, to illustrate, suppose I'm making a MMORPG:

    object player:

























    An object with many variables can be organized in sections, if you can collapse a given section, you can remain focused only on the specific part you're working with, avoiding clutter. Again, this would only appear in the editor, and would have no effect in the final game.

    <font size="4">Storing Objects</font>

    Another thing I would like to see is a variable type for objects. I really want to store an object for later use, such as with a missile that can track a given target, or a HP bar that knows what it's linked to - this should be able to reduce (if not completely eliminate) the hassle with UID/IIDs, as well as many other problems reported here in the forums.

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  • Global and instance variables grouping would be very useful.

    this is what currently takes up an entire screen on my current project


    For storing objects though.. it seems what you described you can already do that with UID's

    for example:

    For each character

    create HPbar

    set instance variable character.HPBarUID to HPBar.UID

    And then when you need to pick that HPBar you just need "pick by UID character.HPBarUID"

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