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  • I have posted this a few times in some C3 suggestions thread but I thought this should be available in C2 to as many people will be sticking with it.

    I would like to formally request the ability to change Object.Physics.Gravity_Angle.

    The same way you're given total control on the Object.Platformer.Gravity_Angle.

    As of right now there are no plugins that enable users to set Object.Physics.Gravity_Angle.

    The closest I can find is Rex's Gravitation plugin that enables users to set a single gravitational point. As useful as this plugin is, it does not feature the ability to set tangential or normal gravity. It is possible to achieve the desired effect only through creating several instances of a gravitational object, each with a separate tag for separate set of items and sin't the most elegant solution memory-wise.

    For more details:

    The only other alternative is using an artificial angled gravity using Physics forces every tick where you have to constantly readjust volumes and densities or else objects would end up with a jittery effect when combined with the solid behavior.

    So with all of that said, I would like to formally request the ability to change Object.Physics.Gravity_Angle.

    Thank you for hearing me out.

  • Just set gravity to 0. Then apply a force to all Physics objects at whatever angle you want.

    Gravity is just a continually applied acceleration downwards, so you can recreate the same effect at any angle with events.

  • Ashley

    But the frustrating thing is, the engines actually support gravity as a vector. You've purposely chosen to ignore the one dimension in C2/C3. (I asked for this feature some time ago, and even altered the Physics behaviour to make sure it was easy to do). It would seem like C3 provides the perfect opportunity to introduce gravity as a vector (or angle if that makes things easier), as it should be.

  • .

    I agree.

    Ashley I know I've not been here long but plenty of people will want to be able to manipulate Physics.Gravity_Angle just like platformer.gravity_angle and I was only fortunate enough to have come across Yann's "Angled Gravity" capx that does the workaround you recommended and even that gave me problems for a while because the force applied on his capx contains a multiplier involving the Physics.Density quantity that gave different effects on sprites of different sizes.

    We can't be directing new users to Yann's capx forever especially now that dropbox has probably rendered the link inaccessible following the changes.

  • talking about this?

    if yes

    then i just made tutorial on this and you wil get that by tomorrow

    no behaviour

    no plugin

    just event

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  • talking about this?

    No this is a different problem that has nothing to do with your tangential motion. We already have the fix for this problem thank you.

  • oh my weak english

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