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  • The ability to have simple popups like "are you sure [YES] [NO]" or "Lost connection to the server [OK]" would be a huge help. Every game I have created needs these, and its not easy to create them as events go through layers.

    If its not feasible to create a popup window type function, then at least the ability to block events past a layer would do - then one could consturct ones own modal dialogs.

    A games input logic is usually complex and hard to read with nested Ifs etc, I dont think its tennable to add more state to try and ignore input by hand if we are simulating a modal dialog. So currenty I suspect some of use developers don't offer the player choice or warnings when perhaps we should.

  • I don't think we need to add any new features to do this. Can't you just set the timescale to 0, disable the main event groups, then make a dialog layer visible?

  • I had my input for various states and layouts spread over several event sheets to keep things organised. I have rewritten the project to fit in with this - i.e. all input in as few sheets as possible, then disabling the various appropriate groups.

    The ability to disable touch & click input on sprites and/or layers would be very very useful in a number of cases in my games at least. Button sprites that you cant disable are difficult to manage, and require a number of globals which are generally not good practice

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  • I disagree about using globals here.

    In fact this is the perfect place for them.

    Just think ahead, and use one global to rule them all.

  • nutmix - disabling the group of events that handles input is a really easy way to do that.

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