[Feature Request] LOS Plugin Action to change "Obstacle Opt"

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  • Ashley

    [Feature Request] LOS Plugin Action to change "Obstacle Option" to Custom/Solid. It is very useful to have this option when you have Enemy AI's with 2 vision modes (blocked by solids & able to see through). Ashley this will be a great option to have especially that it will avoid us from making two LOS behavior on an object.

  • Hey. It would be great to see a dotted line for the range and cone of view, in the editor. And maybe another checkbox for this behavior to enable/disable the view of the dotted line when previewing.

    This is what I mean https://www.dropbox.com/s/kd2kyuvv8uukl ... w.jpg?dl=0

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  • , you can attatch the LOS behavior more then once to a sprite, with differend obstacles set.

  • 99Instances2Go - I forgot to close this post but that's what I did long before I made this post. The thing is, this feature would save us the time in making 2 los object (stated above) but now I think there is a reason this option is not made, mostly because of optimization but I am not sure. Regardless, this post is already null.

  • anty21ro - I didn't see your .capx buy you can simply do this by making 2 (2x2) tiled backgrounds with, for example if the Los angle is 90 degrees then the 1st tiled background should be 45 degrees and the 2nd one should be -45 degrees.

    In measuring the distance you can do this by trigonometric formulas or simply make a 3rd (2x2) tiledbackground in the middle with 0 degrees and the width/height is your distance.

    This is a method for accurately checking the los range and angle. But yeah, I agree this feature premade in the editor with an option would be great also.

    Sorry if it isn't clear and I couldn't give you any samples since I'm only using my phone.

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