[FEATURE REQUEST] Isometric game character movement.

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  • Ashley is it possible to have a movement function in isometric game like the first fallout and diablo games? if i remember right these games are 2d. So i was wondering if we could have such a possibility in future releases of c2.

    With pathfinding and grid movement all in isometric view.

    thanks in advance.

  • Rex may have the plugins you are looking for. Also I don't know who did it, but some one did an ISO template they were releasing.

  • this would be interesting and open a multitude of new possibilities

  • Well what features do you expect? The easy way would be just to add expressions to convert to isometric xy, which is so simple it really doesn't warrant expressions, or a plug.

    Or change the whole engine, and editor to make all existing plugs/behaviors project to isometric coordinates, which would qualify as not easy.

    A template might be a good way to go, but I don't want to release something that will become obsolete if some features were to become available.

  • I don't know guys i think that it will bring as bjadams wrote new possibilities. Fallout 1 (and 2) is a 2d game diablo 1 too baldurs gate also even the new shadowrun returns is a 2d game but these were not the games (i've got to admit it) i've got in mind.it was a doodle game for the 50th anniversary of doctor who .

    http://www.google.com/doodles/doctor-wh ... nniversary

    i like it very much it was fun to play it and i thought why not to be able to make it with c2?

    i tried some plugins of rexrainbow and thanks to him who tell me wich plugin to use but chrome and firefox gave me errors when i tried to run a game and because of lack of free time i dont try it too much for now. i hope next week have more free time.

    so i thought ok its almost easy to make a crappy bird clone why not to have the ability for something more. i don't ask a 3rd dimension for c2 (i did it in the past...). we stay as we are in 2d.

    Maybe its a lot work to be done but i think isometric movement with pathfinding is worth it.

  • That's completely doable to do in C2 as is, but you also have to think of it asset wise as each character needs a lot of different animations.

    Standing, walking, running, attacking, jumping, dieing, all with four directions.

    This is the reason you don't see a bunch of isometric games already.

  • this is not the problem the animations are ready and waiting. i use blender for some time and i think i can handle it.

    doctors who doodle game uses mouse snapping and i saw a tutorial already about it in the tutorials section. the pathfinding i find it difficult and move along the tiles. i use the move expression and what i achieve was a teleportation from tile to tile... disaster....

    i hope Ashley at least answer to my request if he see it. if its a yes ill be very happy if its a no moving on no hard feelings

  • Perhaps I'm missing something but I would have thought it's already possible in C2 now?

  • I think what spy84 is asking for is something like 8 direction isometric movement preset behaviors.

    Think of engines like Adventure Game Studio, Visionaire Studio or even RPG Maker and you'll get the idea.

    Presets like that would be a definite added bonus to Construct 2.

    It would make Construct 2 even more

  • OK, iso movement is also a problem since not everybody is going to want the same way to move. There's Diablo style, or grid, etc.

    Not sure how 8 direction translates into iso, unless you just mean 8 direction with iso z ordering, which is almost the same as Diablo.

    Which brings up another issue with z order, as we don't have an "official" way, and the usual way can be cpu intensive, but manageable.

  • newt I get what he's referring to.

    What he's actually referring to is something like this:

    Stasis is a 2D adventure game made in Visionaire studio. The player can move in 8 directions - and there's a separate animation for each direction.

    Yeah it looks 3D (because of the high quality rendering) but its actually a 2D game.

    An 8-direction preset like this in Construct 2 would be awesome.

  • You don't need isometric to do what's in the vid.

    All that would be needed is the paths behavior, and some z order masks.

  • You don't need isometric to do what's in the vid.

    All that would be needed is the paths behavior, and some z order masks.

    newt OK, but do you know of any tutorials that show the kind of stuff you're talking about?

  • vlweb3d i'dont even knew about Visionaire studio thanks a lot. yes stasis is like fallout like shadowrun returns baldur's gate etc... the 8 direction movement will be highly appreciated (top notch feature) but i can do what i've got in mind even with 4 directions like dr who doodle game.

    newt please if you know how to do it show me please with an example capx . it will be a great help.

    thanks both of you for sharing your thoughts

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  • I might make something up for the asset store, but its really not that hard to figure out.

    Just have to get the animations to look like its in iso.

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