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  • By integration, I mean let people do more inside Constrict 2 without having to leave it.


    • An integrated IDE for people who want to write plugins an behaviours, with IntelliSense, so people are able to develop and edit plugins and code within C2. It should include syntax checking and highlighting as well, so people don't have to keep running a game to test their extensions. This could be disabled via the preferences menu. It could support Javascript, XML and JSON, and have IntelliSense for jQuery and the C2 API.
    • An optional IDE view for eventing. I love the event system, but I'm used to actual coding, and I have to admit that I feel more comfortable with lines of code than event blocks. Maybe you could integrate your own language line "Construct Script Language" (CSL) and include IntelliSense, syntax highlighting and checking. I personally find it quicker to type code than to have to go through several screens to create one event.

    This would be an optional feature, and you could toggle between event and CSL view.

    • An integrated browser: I'm not sure how hard this would be, but I'm thinking that it would be good for better debugging of events and code, allowing the use of breakpoints and watches. You could probably allow for simulation on different devices, and simulate location/motion.

    Just a few ideas :) I tend to run away with ideas until they're all warped and crazy :D. What do you think?

  • We're a tiny company and always pushed for time. I don't think we should work on anything that is already done very well by other tools (I don't miss any kind of integration for my own work on plugins using Notepad++, and don't ordinary browsers work just fine for previewing?)

    We've discussed optional code regularly on this forum for a long time, and it's not a direction we want to take right now.

  • Ashley

    Agree, I use notepad++ , too.

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  • Ashley rexrainbow

    What I mean is that there isn't any easily accesible debugging tools (that I know off, please tell me!), so maybe integrating previewing in C2 would help solve that problem with breakpoints and watches. And as I said, integrating an IDE purely for coding as an alternative to using events could be used for easier plugin and behaviour creation/debug. Besides, I like IntelliSense :/ and prefer writing code as an alternative to using block events.

    Again, this is just something I thought of that might be useful to game dev in C2, but then again I wasn't sure on the difficulty on implementing this kind of feature. I completely understand you limitations in terms of staff and time :) it's nothing major, i just thought C2 was missing something.

  • marlon667

    To debug plugin, just insert "debugger" (in code of plugin) instruction to add break point. Or "log" (in code of plugin) instruction to dump message.

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