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  • Since my projects usually involve large numbers of events, I find myself using the search feature from time to time.

    The thing is that I don't always want to work with only the results that the search brought up. Sometimes I just want to get my bearings or find where something is.

    As it is now, if I use search, I can find the event I want, but if I clear the search, it scrolls me back to the top.

    However, I noticed that I can click an event to highlight it, and it will still be highlighted if I clear the search. If there was a shortcut key or something to click that would go to this highlighted event (and maybe clear the search as well), it would be great.

    It would function similar to pressing f2 to go to a bookmark, except in the case it would go to the currently highlighted (or active) event. In other words, the one you last clicked on and is shown as yellow.

    If this already exists and I missed it, please let me know.

    Alternatively, if this is not possible, maybe add a box near search that will go to what line we type in. So if we use the search and see, okay I need to scroll down to line 880, we could type that in somewhere and save some scrolling or opening folders.

  • Why not just split your event sheet into multiple event sheets, each handling different mechanics, such as movement, collisions etc. Makes managing a project much easier, as you can then create multiple different mechanics, and just 'Include' the ones you want to use or test.

    Having a massive Event sheet just seems to be a bad practice, IMO, but each to their own

  • Well, I don't know. I mean I have like 16 groups and more to come since the game is still a few months from completion. Some of these groups can have up to 200 events.

    I do have an older project that used multiple event sheets, but I didn't really feel like it was any better for me. It can start to get a bit crowded at the top with multiple event sheets.

    I can experiment with using multiple event sheets and combining some of these things to try and make it more manageable.

    However I do it though, I will probably need to use the search feature to find things from time to time that I forgot which group or event sheet they were in, so this request would still have some use. It seems like I would still get use out of it.

    It is sometimes difficult to find what I want even with multiple event sheets. It can get tedious looking at each event to find something. Combining the search feature with the ability to select an event and go to it still seems useful.

  • +1 I have wanted this feature for years but it never seems to be a popular suggestion when it is brought up.

    Using the search function how it is, is cumbersome. It doesn't show sub-events so (if you use them) you cant rely on making changes without first clearing the search and then scrolling the mouse wheel like a mad man because when you have a lot of events on one sheet you cant use the bar on the side because it moves too fast.

    Also, having everything separated into different event sheets is good, but if your searching for something and you don't remember where it is, it means you have to search multiple event sheets which makes it even more tedious.

    A "go to" function just below the search box or simply having the search hang around a highlighted event when cleared would improve my workflow dramatically.

  • I was searching for a "Go To Event Sheet of Function" new idea proposal and I found this IMO superior to just proposing a go to function event sheet button.

    I can't find the original function easily like this. Takes ages.

    Anyway great idea +!

  • Absollutelly +1

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    This is a must, especially when you have concatenated events inside groups and having more than 200 events for complex behaviors.

    If the search button, when cleaned, still on the last selected event, it should be amazing.

  • Supported + 1

    Could be useful as hell in some cases.

  • Agreed, I would use this every day. A full project search wouldn't be a bad idea either.

  • Ditto, I think complete search functionality really helps with workflow. If you wanted a stretch goal after, find/replace can be useful too, in certain contexts. XP

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