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  • Currently, LOAD IMAGE FROM URL is a great feature, allowing easy run-time access of images, loading them straight into SPRITES.

    But if the image is a GIF, it does not allow the GIF to play when you display the SPRITE.

    The only way I've found to load a GIF form a URL and display it within C2, is by using an iFRAME plugin. But this has other problems.

    The clean and simple and consistent method would to allow LOAD IMAGE FROM URL to work with GIFS, loading them into sprites like any image, and allowing them to repeatedly play the GIFS always do.

    As more and more people are using GIFS as personal AVATARS instead of static images, this is a very useful feature.

    Would be great in C2, or the new C3.

  • The problem is you can't create frames at runtime, and or create a collision polygon, not to mention there are a few issues with the format itself.

    Things like no partial transparency, limited colors, and those pesky expired patents.

    And then loading urls has its own set of issues as well, latency, cross domain, obfuscation, etc.

  • I'm not looking to create frames. I just want to be able to LOAD and DISPLAY a standard GIF IMAGE at run-time (just like you can do with all image types).

    This is standard HTML5 stuff, nothing fancy. I can do it with an iFRAME already, but that's clunky and does not look nearly as clean.

    The core issue seems simple: The LOAD IMAGE FROM URL command in C2 already works great for other image types, but fails for GIFs.

    It should allow GIFs too. Especially if a player wants to load a personal avatar image, but not use a still image, use a GIF.

    As for cross domain stuff, if you load from an open site like IMGUR, there is no problem.

  • It does work, for the first frame only.

    It's been declined already for the stated reasons.

    Plus there would be a fair amount of headaches with users making bug reports when just using it improperly.

    Skipped frames in the 350 mb file, etc.

  • newt -- All the problems mentioned exist for all the other file types loaded from a URL, including large files and cross domain.

    GIFS have become massively popular over the last 12 months, now exceeding still-image posts on sharing sites like Imgur.

    As for BUG REPORTS, it would not be used any differently than loading other image types of a URL.

    This is basically no different than the existing command, with nothing new for users to learn, other than having it support one of the most popular image formats.

    GIFs should be supported like other image types for loading from a URL. Not doing so is having a product that is not keeping up the times.

  • You crazy kids and your newfangled gifs.

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  • You can use pose's <DIV> plugin.

    The number of sprite's frame count is fixed in project, so it will be hard to load a gif with mismatch frame count.

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