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  • Hi!

    I've updated to R100+ recently and tested the new webgl effects... It's potentially awesome!

    But in practice, something annoys me: there are so many effects (that a good thing), most of them are not clear at first sight and I have to apply/launch the game to see what it is... This is an important waste of time.

    Could it be a way to... I don't know... have a preview of the effect before lauching the game? Directly available from the effect selection menu, cf. this screenshot:

    <img src="https://dl.dropbox.com/u/39121175/EffectPreview.png" border="0" />

    It doesn't have to be something dynamic... Of course it would be great, but something more visual (an illustration?) would be more "efficient" than a simple text (for most users I think).



  • Effects should preview in the editor, if your graphics card supports it. Are you not seeing that?

  • I see the preview once the choice has been validated (select effect -> validate -> "oh, it's nice but that's not what I expected" (almost everytime :) ) -> delete -> reselect another effect etc.)

    I think it would be incredibly comfortable to see the preview directly from the window displayed above (just by selecting the effects).

    If it's supposed to already be the case, I don't see it on my computer and that's really too bad for me <img src="smileys/smiley30.gif" border="0" align="middle" /> If not, it would be a real improvement (in term of ergonomy), but I don't know what it involves technically speaking to add this "shortcut" to the preview.

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  • I would actually agree with this. Even a simple static image would do well to describe the effect.

  • Yeah, I have been thinking the same thing.

    The effects show up in the editor fine. But when you're just trying out different effects to see if something fits it quickly gets a bit tedious to have to open and close the dialog just to check the effects.

    This is especially true when dealing with more than one effect on an object. I know how a few of the effects look like and what they do, but I don't know how the different effects react to each other, for each combination (afaik effect order seems to matter, as I'd expect).

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