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  • Have you ever noticed that the default size, angle, properties, frames and etc. of objects are determined by the majority number rather by input?

    The development time would be decreased if we could have a feature to set the default properties of each object. It would also be great if there was a combo box switch (for each object or entire system) that we can select whether we follow the majority number properties or the input default properties .

    If i may suggest, it would be great if the default properties options were on a different form box selected from the properties bar or if the options are just below each property. Just don't make it a sub-property since it's time consuming.... Why? Well, because every time i expand it, it closes again on a different object / instance since it only expands locally on a specific instance. Maybe i'll make another feature request on that.

    Ashley C3 maybe?

    The other feature request i mentioned above.

  • +1 to defining the default properties. Could be nice to have in C3 but if the new editor will support plugins like one that could expand the features like this, that could be nice too.

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  • Bumping for the sake of approval.

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