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  • It would be convenient if when right-clicking on an object in the layout window, you could choose to search for all the occurrences of that object in the associated event sheet. High-lighting the object's text within the body of the event sheet would also be VERY helpful.

    It would essentially be a shortcut for the search event filter on the event sheet.

    Currently, if you have a lot of similarly named objects, you have to manually type in most of the name to find the needed object.

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  • Also, it would be very convenient, after right clicking on the object, if a drop down menu would also give you a list of multiple event sheets that reference the object. You could then perform the search within the selected event sheet.

  • Probably won't happen for C2 but I'd like to +1 this for C3. I also have a related request..

    I'd just love to be able to search for something and have it show me all event sheets with those occurrences, instead of searching the same word in each event sheet to find what I want. I do my best to keep everything tidy but sometimes I forget a tiny bit of code in a unrelated event sheet and when I try to mess or replace it, I take ages thinking what went wrong..

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