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  • Ashley Is it possible to have a dynamic lighting system in c2? Gamedevelop game engine which (to me) is a "clone" of c2 start something like kickstarter and one of the feature that the developer promised if the project gets funded is dynamic lighting system. Is it difficult? Cause i think many people here wants a feature like this including me of course.

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  • This has already mentioned a few times in this topic https://www.scirra.com/forum/what-features-do-you-want-to-see-in-the-future-c2_t103752 and I am sure that there are quite a few more topics that request the same thing. I agree that realtime lighting will be a major eye candy and probably add great potential gameplay wise, but it looks like it's a tough beast to tackle.

  • eli0s yes i know i post in the topic too for dynamic lighting. I just want to give more emphasis in this specific feature and thats why i started this topic. Unfortunately i dont see many comments and any interest..for me this feature is vital a huge boost to c2. i dont know if its a tough beast to tackle, BUT if someone said to me a few years ago that there will be a program which without coding knowledge i will be capable to develop my game and build it from pc to nintendo consoles maybe i said the same...thats a tough beast to tackle.

    Hope Ashley see this topic and comment if dynamic lighting is possible.but why not? nothing is unpossible

  • I don't think it has to do with interest. More likely that knowing how busy Ashley is with C2 development, it's highly unlikely to get dynamic lighting out of the blue. I am sure that if and when the time comes, we will know it beforehand. I remember Ashley asking in the past about priorities and wishlists when a development circle was about to end an a new to begin. That was before the debugger was implemented.

  • Already been done by others. Ther are some samples on the forum So Ashley doesn't need to do this. Also dynamic lighting isn't really traditional for 2D games. Since it can be done without 3rd party plugins and it's not traditional. I don't see Ash needing to do this.

  • Already been done by others. Ther are some samples on the forum So Ashley doesn't need to do this. Also dynamic lighting isn't really traditional for 2D games. Since it can be done without 3rd party plugins and it's not traditional. I don't see Ash needing to do this.

    Hmmm... I was under the impression that C2 isn't meant to create just "traditional" 2D games. I thought that it is a platform that enables people -with little or no coding experience- to create their games, and it achieves that with its intuitive workflow, be it pre-made behaviors, or/and the "amazingly simple to program with" event system.

    To my understanding, a dynamic lighting system can not be done without 3rd party plugins (you need the Canvas plugin) and it's by no means an easy task. The best examples that can be found on the forum are, of course, by R0J0hound (http://dl.dropbox.com/u/5426011/examples14/shadow_cast.capx and even more impressive https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/5426011/examples19/mario_record_w_shadows.capx), and even he states that there isn't an easy way to do it.

    Sorry to put it so bluntly, I mean no disrespect whatsoever, but your "not seeing a need for Ashley to do this", must come from your needs (or the lack of for that mater) and does not reflect the need of the rest of us who require more or different ways to express our creativity. For some developers, the Path Finding behavior (for example) might be obsolete, or even useless, that doesn't mean that Ashley shouldn't have had it within C2. You get my point.

    If anyone is interested, the topics from which I took R0J0s examples are the following:

    Dynamic shadows.. now possible? https://www.scirra.com/forum/dynamic-shadows-now-possible_t73305?&hilit=shadows+R0J0hound

    [CAPX] Yet another shadow caster https://www.scirra.com/forum/viewtopic.php?f=148&t=88188&p=699283&hilit=shadows+R0J0hound#p699283

  • As we all noticed from many examples posted in the past (especially by R0J0hound) dynamic lighting system is very possible to do in C2 and it's working quite effectively (high and steady fps with low cpu usage) Been using myself modified version of "mario_record_w_shadows.capx" with very large layout and high object count and never had any problems or slowdowns. Those files stated by eli0s even works nicely on mobiles.

    And I will add a request from myself for official version of the light/shadow plugin.

    I do not believe that this would be difficult task to do - at least not that difficult as multiplayer plugin

    I could see it as a plugin, an object you add to layout that work as a light source. You could set color, cone angle, falloff, glow etc. And every object of that kind added to a layout would work as a separate light source, so you could have multiple lights scattered across the screen.

    And then you will add a behavior (shadow caster) for every object you want to have shadows, again with few options to set. Like shadow opacity, shadow color...

    R0J0hound is using imagepoints to define objects shadow border/area... But we already have polygonal collision masks with vertices - why this vertices can't be accessed and be used instead of image points?

    But well. It's just a nice dream to have for now. But I do believe this is possible to do at this moment.

  • jayderyu isnt really traditional? please... 3d objects are also not traditional in 2d games but tell me who really dont want them (if its possible of course)? And why we try sometimes pseudo 3d sprites to give more depht to a flat game.

    traditional or not a lighting system its a great tool.

    last week i saw this video and i was amazed.

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    edit: illuminated.js http://greweb.me/2012/05/illuminated-js ... lications/


    there is game demo here: http://impactjs.com/forums/code/impactj ... ows/page/1

  • I've been following several threads, and development seems to be a real challenge. Realtime WebGL lighting would be a god send.

    One of the titles we're pitching at the mo is actually dependent on realtime lighting, so if we source funding we'll have to switch over to Unity - something I don't want to do as it will make dev 2-3x longer

  • spy84

    Your not asking for a feature where C2 has a limitation and requires back end development. What your asking for is a feature that can be done. Dynamic 2d lighting can be done already, 3d can be done already. Instead of asking the only programmer to develop a feature that can already be done. Roll up the sleeves and do it.

    It's not like Modularity, asset stores, gui improvements which can only be done in the C2 C++ code. you want 3d go get processing JS and write a plugin. Actually in fact someone already did a Copperlicht 3d plugin, and there is even another.

    I can't keep track of what games have been created very well, but I know there is a mobile game using C2 with Dynamic lighting out there.

    To start here is a shadow caster


    Here is Pode link to the forum

    http://mattgreer.org/articles/dynamic-l ... d-shadows/

    here is a video sample with some form of shadow casting and realtime lighting

    http://mattgreer.org/articles/dynamic-l ... d-shadows/

    I'm also sure anyone with the knowledge of how webgl and shaders work can probably also due it with WebGl. that's the point of the shaders already.

  • jayderyu you forgot something im not a programmer and i dont know anything about how shaders work i dont know about coding blah blah blah. i only know about 3d modeling and animation and a little bit of audio compositing.. And those are the reasons i choose and pay for c2 personal license. And please we should be honest between us if i know how to coding maybe i dont even post in here but in unity or udk forums. I think that these reasons have brought us here if not everyone at least more than the half of c2 users.

    i just ask for a feature -IF- it is possible to be done. you said that you dont think ashley should do this..Strange but if i remember correct (maybe im wrong) when in another thread we (including you) ask for native apps and not 3rd party wrappers there were people who say to ashley that its not necessary (cause they dont care). Now you do the same. different needs different priorities

    edit: oh and something else if you think that lighting system and 3d can easily done and dont require top end program skills please if you can help with these features do me/us a favour and start make it possible.

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