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  • Disable plugin - There are times that I don't want to include a plugin/object in the export, but you also can't delete it as it will remove all the corresponding actions. So I would like a bool on the plugin which disables all the corresponding action code and doesn't include it in the export.


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  • So a here are a few example of where this would useful in developing cross platform games.

    -Using third party plugins i.e. Like FGL which brings up a debug menu whenever the game starts. I could disable the plugin and so have just one capx that works with multiple platforms.

    -Using plugins that aren't supported by Scirra Arcade. I believe that if any plugins are used that aren't supported you cannot submit to it. Again if you building a game for multiple platforms you will more than likely use additional plugins to provide services. So if you could disable the extra plugins you wouldnt need to again make a copy of the capx and strip it down.

    Essentially what I am trying to avoid is branching when supporting multiple platforms, as it means one game change has to be replicated X times. If there are ways around this that I don't know about then please let me know.

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