[FEATURE REQUEST]: Design time Multiline edit box

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  • My game needs to display some larger chunks of text, like stories let's say, things like "You go there and meet this guy, he says that, you reply this etc" with dialog and multiple paragraphs.

    Currently I'm doing some ugly workarounds to store this text.

    I would like to request multiline edit boxes at design time. My suggestion would be that when I set value for a text variable and start writing text, there should be a button labeled "..." to the right of the text box, which would open a dialog with a multiline text box, just like Visual Studio does on the Build Events boxes.

    I can provide more details if this is not clear.

    This would help everyone who displays more text in their games, it would make it possible, for example, to build a "resource strings" event sheet, with global text variables.

    It would be useful in "Heroes of Might and Magic"-like games (artifact info, various stories when visiting temples etc), RPGs (dialogues, missions etc), games with a "How to play" button which gives instructions.

    And it would of course allow for easier translation of games in other languages.

    Hope this gets implemented, as it seems (to me at least :) ) to bring much value compared to the implementation effort.


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  • For reference this topic was about implementing a dialog system.

    You might want to have a look at it for some ideas about implementing lots of textual narrative.

    As usual with features request, Ashley has a lot to do already, this might get implemented, but no timetable for it.

    This bugs me a little though as the editbox is multiline in the sense that if you press shift+enter it will jump a line and allow you to continue entering your text.

    This works the same for the comments.

    Does this do the trick ?

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