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  • So I mentioned this in passing some time ago, but it's come back into my mind and, because I love the idea so much, I decided to bring it up once again.

    I think that a dedicated locations layer in C2 would save time and be altogether an outstanding addition to the editor.

    Before I explain in more depth, here is an example, from Starcraft Broodwar's Campaign Editor, of what I mean:

    <img src="http://dl.dropbox.com/u/70288481/starcraft%20editor%20locations.jpg" border="0" />

    If you look under the "window" tab, you will see that the layer that is active is the "Location Layer." If this layer wasn't active, the locations would be invisible. That's because the locations, which are just semi-transparent blue boxes, are nothing but location markers. They are the same as a transparent box/rectangle is in C2, except they aren't physical entities, so they needn't be akin to a pure alpha channel, but could instead be 4 (x,y) markers signifying its location.

    Anyways, I'm sure many of you are thinking something like "why add this, you can already do it with transparent objects?" While this is true, activating a locations layer is a really pleasurable, smooth experience. Once within that 'mode', your cursor would have 2 functions: to create locations that aren't yet made, and to select/move/resize locations that are already there. Likewise, simply double clicking a location could allow you to change it's name, or apply a z-value (or set of z-values) to it. Then, when you switch out of the locations layer, they disappear.

    I know that this might seem superfluous at first, but I just really think it would add an awesome new way to identify locations (as well as placeholders, since locations could act as objects and follow things, or do whatever else) into C2. For anyone that has used Starcraft Broodwars Campaign Editor, you know how fluid the locations system was, and how lost the editor would have been without it. While C2 is far from lost without it, I believe that it would add another candle on top of the cake.


  • I agree with you =) I did played around a lot with sc1 editor years ago, and i liked it so much, that in the project i'm working in construct 2 i implemented a very similar system of zones and triggers of my own, and I tell you, this doesn't need to be added as a feature since you can already use it pretty much the exact same way, you add a triggers/zones layer, then you add the triggers and zones, and then you play around in the events with overlapping and collision and conditions to differentiate. It really isn't that much extra work but rather a work system =)

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  • I'm glad you support this idea, Sargas!

    I think a native implementation would be better than a handcrafted version each new project, plus there is a chance that 4 x,y locations along with z-value(s) would almost definitely be less memory used than a bunch of transparent sprites. And the workflow would be greatly smoothed :)

    Sc1 editor was/is awesome. I would like to have gotten more into sc2 editor, but just didn't have the vigor for it with such a small potential audience.

  • Can't you just make a hidden 'Locations' layer? Isn't it easy and straightforward to use Tiled Backgrounds as zone markers, and create, resize and move them using the traditional controls?

  • Mostly, yeah. I just loved the method above so much that I thought I'd throw it out there. I won't bother specifying small differences between the two, as no one seems to agree it's worthwhile.

    Thanks for your response, ASHLEY.

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