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  • Something that I have been wanting to see added for a while now, is the ability to add comments in between actions.

    Sometimes I may have 20 or so actions within one event, and having commenting blocks between some of these actions would make it SO much more readable. When I am writing code the old fashioned way, I tend to comment almost every line and I really miss being able to do it in C2. These action comments would have to be added via the standard "add action" dialogue, which is somewhat at odds with the C2 workflow, but it should work fine.

    Would also be great to have the option of changing the colours of individual comment blocks for further readability.

  • ?

  • Possibly hard to explain without a pic, so here is a quick mockup I did in Photoshop:

  • zendorf i had understood just fine, it's just that what i showed you is, for practical purposes, exactly the same.

    I mean... if it was urgent or something..

    if they implement what you're asking would be nice though.

  • Yes, but you shouldn't need to put in blank sub-events to just add comments where you need them. That is a very clunky way of doing it.

    I don't think anybody would argue that my mockup doesn't look cleaner and more readable...

  • I agree that it may look cleaner and would be useful, but it isn't exactly a necessity, considering the plethora of more important developments that still need addressing.

  • +1

    Perhaps adding the comment could be case sensitive. If a condition is selected -add comment above the event (the way it is now), if any action is selected -add comment above the action. This way you wont have to add comments as actions and you'll have a consistent workflow.

    I will also really like to see the ability to colorize the events, sub-events, comments, variables and groups . That will be awesome!

  • That's helpful !


  • zenox98 Sure, it is not a high priority request. Just one of those little things that has been eating away at me ever since I started using the event sheets.

    I only post it on here as a valiant attempt at getting Ashley's attention, and hopefully getting it onto his (very long) feature to do list

  • ^Agreed, would be nice to have and obviously it's not high priority, but a good suggestion of which there's no reason not to bring up.

  • nice to have, but also far more other features I would like.... Modularity

  • I like the idea, it would help to explain more speciffic sytuations in tutorial examples and for personal organization

  • I came to the forums to look this exact thing up. It would be a nice feature and I do not think people should brush it off as "not a high priority". As someone who has been working in software for 25+ years, it can be the little things that make working in an environment more enjoyable. Commenting one's code is Coding 101. I think with C2's structure, it is often where you run into situations where you have a "lot" of actions from 1 event, but when you do, this would be very helpful. For now, I just tried to break it out into smaller functions for readability purposes.

  • +1 for this feature. The use case is where you want to logically group different sets of actions for the same condition.

    In my predicament, there is a list of 12 actions for a condition. 3 of them are enhancements to the existing action list that are being tested but aren't quite there yet, so those 3 are disabled in order to work on them later. This is not as sensible workflow-wise without some sort of commenting capability.

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  • +1

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