[Feature Request] Change Scaling Mode (In C2's Runtime)

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  • The feature request:

    I would like to change my games scaling mode from Scale Outer to Scale Inner (and reverse) without going into fullscreen mode.

    Why would you want to do that?

    The idea is simple, my main game layout requires to be in scale inner mode because some game elements have to be hidden due to gameplay mechanics.

    However when going into menus (1920x1080) scale inner is not a solution since it tends to cut off sprites and text that has been relativly placed on weird aspect ratios.

    Why won't you use the browser action to achieve this?

    As my topic headline says: "In Runtime / No Fullscreen", meaning that if I would have to change between scaling modes, the game would require to go into fullscreen which would be bad for players that want to keep on playing the game in windowed mode.

    Do you know that there is a workaround with that?

    Yes I know that there is a workaround with setting the game to fullscreen (with scaling mode changed) then quickly cancel it.

    However this does not seem to work within the windowed mode, it just works if you keep the game in fullscreen.

    So what exactly do you want me to add?

    I would like to see an action within the system or browser plugin to change the scaling mode while beeing in windowed mode (runtime scaling change).

    If this requires to restart the layout or something like that, I'm totally willing to do that!

    But wait, I know another way to achieve that you have to do ...

    Feel free to post any solution that I don't know about yet, I'll give it a shot for sure.

  • Are there any experienced JS developers here in the forums that can try or have already tried to achieve this?

    Are there any problems in developing a custom plugin with the suggested action inside?

    Please note: since there is already an action inside the browser plugin that calls for a scaling change with setting the game to fullscreen, I believe that it could be used as a reference point to investigate and find a way to achieve the runtime scaling change. Also note that the "Preview.js" file seems to have some code related to changing the games scaling mode.

    Any kind of response regarding the request is welcome!

  • I'd like to see some answers to this too. Info on doing resolution switching and the like for html5/C2/nwjs is seriously scarce. My (completely unsubstantiated) guess is it's a limitation with Chromium that Ashley & Co. can't circumvent without creating their own forks for the wrappers in question.

  • I need this feature. too.

    Because I want to change scale mode from "letterbox scale" to "off" to let user download screenshots which size should be independent from user's screen size.

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  • I agree, this would be useful.

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