[Feature Request] Built-In Fade In/Out on Layout properties

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  • Some way to easy auto fade in/fade out from the layout properties.

    I mean, i have an event on layout1 like:

    On click X button > Go to layout2

    So a properties in Layout1 called "Fades" with:

    Fade-In: On/Off

    Time: 0.5

    Color: black

    Fade-Out: On/Off

    Time: 0.5

    Color: black

    So, when the layout starts do a fade-in and when the layout ends before go to the layout desired do a fade-out.

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  • Hey matriax hi.

    It is not so difficult to reproduce a fade in | fade out effect . (five to ten clicks) just add a black sprite with the fade behavior (with the desired fade out and fade in time properties) in the top layer of your layout and call it twice, one on layout start for a fade out and two, just before you go to the next layout for a fade in .

    You better add this sprite to a global layer with 0 parallax and 0 scale rate make the width and height match your window size and you are finish with the fade stuffs.

    So IMO i think there is no necessity for a build in fade in | fade out "function" as long as a fade behavior exist.


  • Yes, i actually have a black sprite with fade behaviour that is called by a function.

    So in the menus when an option is clicked i have set the "fade_out" function and afeter wait X seconds and go to X layout to leave time the fade out runs, but i have to set for each thing that changes the layout.

    Yes, is easy do it with events, but with that will save events to keep it all more clean and even more easy. Also a Buli-in Fade-In/Out effects like instead a fade maybe a squares, dot, pixelate or similar effects.

  • Hey

    I dont think 2 events and a global layer its a big deal.


    But anyway build-in stuff it is "build-in stuff" and they are always good .


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