Feature Request - Angle property on Tilemap

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  • If there is no technical reason for excluding the ability to change the angle of a Tilemap like you can on Tiled Backgrounds then please add it. I was going through the process of reducing my various type of "surfaces" down to just Tilemaps then realized it cannot have its angle changed like Tiled Backgrounds can which brought the effort to a halt.

    *Basically what I am trying to do is have one Tilemap covering the entire Layout acting as the main "surface area" and was going to replace all my Tiled Backgrounds that act as my moving platforms with Tilemap objects using the same tile sheet as the main Layout wide Tilemap. This works in all cases except where the Tiled Background platforms were tilted at various angles.

    Also if it is not technically possible that would be nice to know so that I won't bother holding off anything hoping that it gets added.

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  • In another thread Ashley said this [quote:3tivji0x]"Construct 2 can arbitrarily scale and rotate objects"

    It was on this thread ( )

    Does this include Tilemaps?

    Thanks for any feedback.

  • It would be difficult to add. Don't hold your breath. You can work around it by putting tilemaps on rotated layers, but that won't work well for small objects. It's fine to use sprites or tiled backgrounds as small, dynamic parts of tilemaps anyway, so long as the large static parts are in a tilemap.

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