[Feature Request] Analog Stick "One-Press" mapping.

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  • Not sure where else to put this.

    Something really helpful would be a "Simulated Button Push" coded right into the GamePad / WiiU objects. Basically something that takes:

    If Left Stick X < 75

    triggerleft = 1

    and turn it into:

    On LeftStick Left

    So we have stuff like:

    On LeftStick Left

    On LeftStick Up

    On RightStick Down

    On RightStick Left


    so that we can include it in an OR statement when mapping controls. Instead I have to duplicate 'buttonpress' controls and then do my own setup variation of hand controls.. just makes it that little bit harder to maintain, you know?

  • HUge pain especially if im custom coding for:


    Wii U Gamepad

    Wii U Classic Controller

    Wii U Nunchuk

    Basically i need to duplicate that controller setting each time, where it would be soo helpful to be able to just use an "OR" block.

  • Actually I just found I can use Trigger Once in conjunction with the "On Button Press" events so i can basically make a sub-event of a trigger once and then combine all my button stuff into a single event. See here:

    No feature required... just do it this way and you're good. Sorry Ashley!

  • - thanks for the picture and explanation.

  • Same here, thank you very much for taking the time to post the screenshot!

  • Thanks for this. It helped me resolve a related problem today.

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  • oh wow.. trigger once is way smarter than what I was doing... haha.. I set a flag.. this is much cleaner!

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