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  • I'd like to request a feature addition of adding a keyboard shortcut for "Back" in the Parameters Dialogue.

    In my current workflow, I'm able to manipulate everything I need in the event sheet almost exclusively with the keyboard, which is great! The one situation that often occurs where I need to resort to the mouse is when I open an existing condition or action to change the object or scope and I need to hit the back button.

    Alternatively I could delete it and make a new, but I lose the existing parameters that way. This is an awesome feature of Construct that saves any applicable existing parameters when changing objects or actions that I love to take advantage of.

    I hope this won't be too difficult to implement. I would recommend using shift-backspace as a default, as I often use backspace to go back in a browser, but backspace itself wouldn't work for obvious reasons in this case. I'll refrain from tagging Ashley as I'm sure he's got plenty on his to-do list. Hopefully if this idea has merit and enough interest/feedback it'll stand on its own and he'll notice it. So chime in if this could be useful for you too!

  • You can press Alt + Left to go back. This and more is in the Keyboard Shortcuts manual entry.

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  • Thanks for the tip! I did see the manual entry but was looking in the wrong section apparently. Then I tried to delete this post but I guess I can't.

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