[Feature Request] Able to duplicate locked & active layers.

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  • [Feature Request] Able to duplicate locked & active layers when duplicating layouts.

    Why need this:

    Duplicate Locked Layers

    Because many games made in Construct 2 are level-based. And in a level-based game, there are parts (layers) that are similar. For example, backgrounds or GUI s,

    these are things that in some cases don't need modifying and are locked when finished.

    Duplicate Active Layers

    As I said, this is great for level-based games. For example, in your game you have finished making the GUI, backgrounds and other common parts that is also going to be used in your other levels, the only thing left is to duplicate and reuse the layout to put objects. And in putting objects, 1 layer is only needed and it is named Object Layer(The object layer is in the middle of the other layers) and it would be a waste of time to repeatedly assign an active layer & lock each layers after every duplication.

    It is not only beneficial for Level-Based Games.

    It speaks for itself, the word duplicate says it all. I can't see any reason not to also duplicate the active & locked layers in duplicating layouts since no game developer needs to have their game's locked layouts reset again & active layers being at random(Not sure if it's random though).


  • Not shooting this down but you could just use "translucent inactive layers" - this automatically locks inactive layers so you won't have to bother with em.

    Hopefully we'll see some improvements to layers in C3. Layer groups, importing layers from other layouts, modifying multiple layers at once, etc. Also replace global layers with object groups...having a bunch of extra layers just for menus and stuff sucks.

  • Hopefully we'll see some improvements to layers in C3.

    That would be great.

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  • Yes this would be great, however I would guess that it won't come until Construct 3.

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