Feature request: ability to screenshot layout

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  • This migh sound like a strange request but personaly i would really apreseate if it was included in the future built... if posible.

    The idea is that when i make a game level, i use first very simple square like sprites to place all the solid platforms and make all its game functions work.

    What i would like to be able to do then is to export a 100% screenshot of the whole layout with all its visible sprites to use it as reference for creating all the graphical objects in a way more acurate way.

    This way it would be easyer for me to create the graphic objects faster in the correct size without the need to resize or fix them in case they wont match the required layout wich would only take extra time and posibly loose its quality.

    I hope its not too difficult to understand what i try to explain ^^;

    Ty for reading <3

  • It's possible to extract a PNG of the current view... it could be made in a plugin, or otherwise I could build it in if I have time. One question is how you use the extracted PNG, do you want it to be downloaded?

  • Well it is for creating the graphical part of the level where it could screenshot the current lauoyt view in its original 100% size. One option would be to simply screenshot the desctop view but i find it time consuming if the layout is alot larger than the size of the pc desctop. It surely can be downloadable or a way of exporting the PNG or what ever works. Iam sadly not a programer but from artistic way this would really help for drawing and composing the background to the functional game levels.

    Take all the time you need though and when ever you feel like it :)

  • Ashley I think Miu3 is talking about being able to export an image of the entire layout at edit time, so a save at disk rather than download. From an artist perspective this can be quite useful for level design workflow.

    I can see such feature working together with the ability to set an image as the layout background for reference when placing the objects precisely according to a previously designed level. Something similar to the background image that Blender can display in 3D view. It's currently possible to do this with a big sprite, but a more optimized feature that doesn't choke with giant images and doesn't interfere with previewing would be better.

  • +1 for this request :-)

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  • If you wanted just the viewport you could use Rojohound's Canvas plug on preview.

    It has the ability to output its contents to a base 64 string.

    You cant right click, save as, but Pode made a file save plug.

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