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  • It would make life a lot easier if you could pick the animations like a drop down list. The same way you do when you chose variables.

    Example if you have an event and you wanna say set animation you have to manually type the name.

    I have 28 animations for just one character (which is getting more) and it becomes a real time waster having to close the event cause you cant remember the name of the specific animation then having to open the sprite to look at the animation list for the correct spelling etc.

    That's just one character and other enemies have different animations.

    It would save a lot of time when working with large amounts of animations.

  • Oh yes and also a better Sprite manager toolbox.

    All those floating windows are unproductive. Give us a nice layout containing everything.

    See screenshot for example.

  • Some kind of reference to animation names would be good but not forcing to use only drop list because I use variables & strings together to make up the animation name and I am not the only one doing it.

    But I agree about the windows.

  • Im curious what animation strings and variables do you add under set animation etc.

  • For example you gave animations "run1", "run2", "run3"

    Then you can set Sprite" Set animation to "run" & choose(1,2,3) - this will play random animation form those three - Would not be possible with drop down list for animations.

  • oooo goody. Thank you. Learned something new. Can put it to good use. Less events

  • Exactly. And in my case I use it for different graphic themes.. maybe for different levels or for choosing your favorite theme. so I differentate them by numbers.

    Like set global variable GraphicSetting to 2 for the second theme

    and then set the animation name in events like this:

    GraphicSetting & "walk"

    Can be used for so many different things. This is why I do not want to see it blocked out by forcing to choose proper animation names. BUT as I said earlier, some kind of "guideline" could be nice, showing you the list of the names that is there so you can use that as basis.

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  • Yes. A reference window would then work. It can call the currents objects animations. Basically all i would like is not to close my event to go look at the animation names.

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