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  • This request is to add a new type of Extension to Construct 2.

    The idea is after making a Sprite that has it's Container filled with another Sprite and an Array, as well as Behaviors, Effects, and Instance Variables set on all of them... I can then select this first Sprite and an Event Sheet that contains generic reusable events referring to these objects and Export it as a reusable library... like you can do with DLLs in normal software development.

    This would allow me to build a library of reusable components made out of Construct 2 entities and potentially share them with others.

    Thanks for this very nice application.

  • Basically what I am looking for is a way to export / import ALL Construct 2 entities between projects as easily as you can events between projects.

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  • This is the modularity feature that has been talked about months ago (here or here and that will be eventually implemented.

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