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  • Hi, it would be nice to be able to define more than 1 collision polygon, just like you can have more than 1 image points.

    If you could have it and tag them, even color them, making attack and defense hitboxes for platform and fighting games would be a lot easier in C2.

    Then you could check for collision by hitbox tag too.

    Thank you.

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  • Usually you make your own hitboxes and attach them to the player where you want them to be. The collision polygon is just a simple quickfix for simple models.

    So you can have one for the head and one for the torso and so on. Not that complicated really

  • you could try attach invisible hit boxes by animating them over the character in spriter

  • Yes but if you need to have different shapes of collision in different frames, how would you achieve that with a fixed sprite attached? Then you would have to create all different boxes and attach/detach them at each frame, or attach them all and test each in each own frame of animation.

    Or for example, I have a sword, and its polygon need to change angle at each frame. I cant achieve this even with imagepoints, unless I have 2 imagepoints to calculate the angle between them and reposition the polygon before testing for collision each frame.

    Is that what spriter actually does? How does it achieves it, with containers, or it generates the event sheet code for collision?

  • I ended up creating 2 imagepoints and using the first as an origin and the second as reference to the angle of the hitbox, and positioning it on the animation frames with is animation playing and comparing each animation frame.

    Here's how its coming to life: (I think I cant post urls yet)

    screencast-o-matic dot com / watch / cohj3Zf12n

    I still think it would be nice to have it built-in though.

    Thank you Anonnym and Miu for the ideas.

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