[FEATURE REQ] Audio object - smooth volume transitions

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  • I'd like to make a request regarding the audio object - a nice [set volume to ... db in ... seconds] and [stop playing when volume is ...db] would be nice.

    I know it can be done via basic coding, but I think it would be a standard function to audio object, without additional lines of code and yet another variable added to a long list.

    I also know there are some 3rd party solutions, but incompatible with sound volume units (i.e. native is in db, 3rd party is 0-1) and positioned sound.

  • I use rexrainbow 's plugin:

    I'm guessing you've already tried it since you mentioned that you can't set the volume in db, but you actually can. Just use "0db" (with the apostrophes) instead of 1, for instance.

    In case you absolutely NEED some kind of code without a plugin, check this out:

    I've used this before and it works great but it's really finnicky in some aspects. For instance I had this code so the music would change when the player entered a door and appeared somewhere else, but if he went back quickly before the last fade was over, the music wouldn't change.

    Rex's plugin works great for me though, even on Android. Still haven't tested it on iOS though.

  • andreyin Thanks!

    Still though - I think this feature should be implemented into official audio object by Scirra, without the need to use 3rd party solutions.

  • +1 I agree. Atleast on C3 I hope.

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  • I experience a lot of popping when fading audio via a lerp event, and also popping/cracking when moving towards/away from positioned audio, anyone else?

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