Feature? "Allow deactivation" option in event group settings

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  • I had a thought for a possible feature.

    In the "Edit" dialog for event group settings, there could be an "Allow deactivation" checkbox.

    This might eliminate the need for every event group to have a unique name.

    What it might solve:

    Currently, any group can be disabled with the System > "Set Group Active" action.

    The "Set Group Active" action takes a group's name as a parameter.

    This means that every group in the entire project must have a unique name. (even across separate event sheets)

    Group deactivation is a cool feature, but when I create a group, 99% of the time it's just for organization purposes, and will never be deactivated. Unfortunately, there's no way to tell C2 that I will never want to disable the vast majority of groups, and so C2 still requires me to give every one of them a unique name.

    Now that I'm working on larger projects, I'm starting to append a namespace prefix (based on the event sheet name) to the groups I create to prevent group name collisions between event sheets. As a side effect, group names are getting longer and more visually cluttered.

    How it could work:

    If we add an "Allow deactivation" checkbox into the group settings, then individual groups can opt out of needing a unique name. Or since the majority of groups will never need to be deactivated, the default could be that groups must opt *in* to needing a unique name.

    Again, I like the group deactivation feature, but I usually only use groups for organization. Even according to the Scirra manual, "Groups of events are mainly for organizing events."

    Anyway, just a thought.

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  • +1 ; most of my groups are for organisation purposes only as well

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