a MUST HAVE feature - Group sprites into 1 object?

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  • Hello everyone! i was wondering why dont we have a feature yet to group sprites into an specific object?

    for example, lets think that we have a farming game and we need some corn plant sprites depending on how old is the plant so

    we will have to use 3 DIFFERENT SPRITES.

    so here comes my idea, why instead of using different sprites, we dont just grab the pieces and group each other into one object?

    the object could be described like a kind of a "sprite group", and we just with those parts create the exactly same objects just by doing a group and moving a little

    the sizes of the sprites.

    this example was just in a corn plant, but lets think about more stuff, a game where you can create a custom weapon, a custom building, etc...

    this feature can help a lot to improve not just development but perfomance.

  • Hmm, not sure but isnt that what containters are for?

  • Use object container

  • In the plant example, you could just make each one its own animation within the same sprite object. That's definitely the easiest way. For custom stuff, you can replace frames/images from a URL or project file. And, lastly, if you want multiple objects stuck together, either use something like the program Spriter (which is made for stuff like that) or put them in a container and place them relative to directive image points on the base sprite frame.

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  • All right guys ,the feature IJCT request is c2 "THE" must have feature.

    I mean ok yes you can create containers but you cant do complex stuff with them unless you write events for every one of them, create variables for each one object that container has and anyway complex stuffs.It will be great if we can create a "combination of sprites object" in the editor (like the warp selection feature) and give it a new name and even new behaviors .So my point is that, lets say that we want to move 5 different objects( in my case sprites) the only easy way to separate them among the others same object that exist in my layout is to add an "id" variable for every object.after that i pick them relative to "id" variable and do stuffs with them.instead of that i want to warp a selection of object create one new "object-group" that i can select it like i select a normal object and do stuff with it and if i want to edit it i will just double click it and move, scale, delete sprites and stuff.

    So yeah, i think this will be a great feature if the developers can implement it.

    Maybe i missing something here about the pick events because i am inexperienced with c2. But if there is a way to do stuffs like IJCT says i wanted to know( no spriter, no other animation software, no extra frames, just with c2).

  • Containers are very limiting and attempt to do waaaay too much for you. They wouldn't really help in this case either. Would strongly prefer a system like Unity's prefabs, but that's been discussed to death already.

  • The closest thing I can think about is Spriter.

  • Tokinsom . Wow!! at that Unity prefabs. That is exactly what i am talking about.

  • Also scene graph objects would help a million. Which is part of the prefab system.

    I've been saying this for 3/4 years now, weeks after I joined. Objects should be based on scene graph, use Unities prefabs and scrap PIN and Containers. They just don't have the same versatility, and they are so much more straight jacketed. I still use them, but rarely.

  • Here is Ashley's response to a similar question regarding c3 development. Having such gorgeous additions as a timeline editor in c3 are unlikely, given the prevalence of 3rd party tools like Spriter. I am sorry to report this.... having the ability to control and animate a group of objects within a scene graph would be rather useful....!

  • yeah, this is something like a prefab.

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