How far you can get with Construc 2?

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  • Hello, please excuse my English. My questions are:

    How powerful can be Construct 2? Supports high definition? Visually that would cap? I mean games like Rayman Origin or Limbo are possible with this engine?

    I can make games to run on PC as a native Windows apllicacion?

    Because in my game prototype which only use simple objects such as squares and rectangles am certain slowness?


  • Regarding your high definition question, check the Arcade and see if those graphics compare to what you desire.

    You can find the answer of running on PC as native Windows application in the FAQ

  • It shouldn't be slow using few squares. What kind of pc you have?

    HD games are possible, but do you really need Full hd 1920x1080?

    For native windows application you can export your game to awesomium.

  • In addition:

    I'm having problems when I visualize my project in web browsers. My character jumps with more force than Firefox Opera. Causing it to alcanse one platform and the other does not reach the platform and fall. Ie physics behave differently someone can help me on this?

  • Hello thank you very much for your answers.

    My performance problem is not due to my PC (powerful enough, I play Battlefield 3 smoothly, Batman AC ...) but for some reason I feel my square :) lightly not walk, sometimes I feel certain pauses and delays I do not understand why?

    About the HD as if I'd do it in HD because I think of a PC game with the best graphics possible.

    Another problem I've discovered is that my character does not jump with the same force Firefox to display if I use that if I use Opera ... ie physics behave different. Is this normal?


  • Well If its any help...I am working in very high detail with hundreds of instanced objects...The trick is to use them wisely...If you look closely at Rayman Origins they were very clever to have Short levels( layouts)

    with repeated instances of objects including enemies /environment props etc...

    Yes its definitely possible...I am working on a few right now and they work fine you just have to realize how its done..Use Props that are static and like lego blocks ..Here is a LOW REZ screen shot of one such game...My layouts are about 32048x1024 which is as big as I could be bothered...Then just make lots and lots of Varied Sprite sheets and if you need to have randomness just switch the static animation frame..This Game runs fine at 1920 x 1080 FULLSCREEN...on and offline...Sorry but you cant play it yet for Trademark reasons...

    It has hundreds of Objects, Particle fx galore, full sound score and SFX lighting FX Web GL, Working HUDS & message systems,DAY & NIGHT TIME TRANSITIONS, You can even make Radiosity and specular mapping if you really felt like it...the works and runs smooth as a whistle,.

    My advice is to start slow and simple...

    OK get that...? START SIMPLE...then get better,...

    I think and practice that it is far better to MAP OUT EVERYTHING THAT YOU WANT IN YOUR GAME ON PAPER FIRST..

    MAking a Professional Game from Experience is a HUGE planning effort..


    In order to make a game like Rayman You need to know exactly how to make to make them look good, to animate, sync with SFX, cutscenes,layout transitions, menu's the works...

    As for the level design,

    It's all about instances if you ask me...

    Make lots of prefabbed parts that interlock or overlapp seamlessly...

    You can even make procedural levels that spawn as you go randomly but you do need to know your stuff for that...

    Everything is possible ..just keep trying and READ THE MANUAL read all you can...PM me if you need specific help..:)

    Like I Said..This Screenshot is LOW rez but is complete game shot....These levels are HUGE..with around 6 to 10 layers of Parallax PLUS THE MAIN LEVEL just like Rayman..(Have a real close look at Rayman( think sprites!!!) and you will see how they did it! very clever)..These levels I am making play fast, smooth and have so many Special effects you will die...CONSTRUCT 2 ROCKS!!!! GO HTML 5!!!

    <img src="" border="0" />

  • Hello, please excuse my English.

    Might help.

    mystazsea Looking good!

  • mystazsea, you doing sound effects yet? I want to start putting sound in my game, but because the positional sound effects hasn't come yet I'm unsure if I should start now (it seems only appropriate for single screen games since stereo/position won't matter as much in that).

  • , you can do positional sound effects pretty easy with the distance() function.

  • sqiddster, yeah that's cool, can you adjust the volume for left/right speaker though (not just mono)?

  • Thanks teahousemoon...I guess I could upload a demo soon...but its only an alpha baby..

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  • Oh, I don't think C2 supports stereo. That's just probably one of the many things that would only be supported under the web audio api.

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