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  • I've always wanted to do a Fantasy Zone game, but the level wrapping always got me! Over the last couple of days I got a Fantasy Zone engine working. I was obviously over-thinking things in relation to the level wrapping. It's way more simpler than I ever thought. I actually thought I'd need arrays..

    As it stands, I have a basic level going and I'm at about 150 events so I'd need to get in there and chop it down for C2 free edition's 100 events limit.

    Is this something people would be interested in as a tutorial? I don't want to create a tutorial that people don't really care about. Or would you just prefer a capx? Even then, my events are thrown together so would still need some work to sort them ;p

    Don't know what the hell Fantasy Zone is?

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    Let me know your thoughts!

  • procrastinator


    i am pretty sure there will be plenty of interest in a tutorial and capx. I am always interested to see how other C2 users approach certain problems and see where i can use those ideas in my own games. Knowledge is power <img src="smileys/smiley1.gif" border="0" align="middle" />

  • Hey man, thanks for replying! You're right. Knowledge is power! Like you , I love looking at other peoples' source to see how they approached a certain problem.

    After thinking about it, I doubt a tutorial is needed, since there are many shooter tutorials on here already.

    Anyway, I only have to add enemies, a boss and menu / start screen...and inventory / shop.

    I've been avoiding using families and now that there's a sale on, I wonder if it'd be worth going with families as well as ignoring the 100 event limit. Anyone interested, please reply here whether you have a license or not. This will help me a great deal. To be honest, I doubt a full level, with enemies, a boss and menu etc would fit within the 100 events limit, but I could damn well try if there was enough interest ;p

    Actually, just before I started on this project, I did figure out loading tilemaps from pyxel using xml. Is this something people would be interested in instead? I could do a Gradius / Nemesis type game. Would be helpful if people said they wanted a tutorial and capx or just a capx since tutorials take a lot of time to do.

    The only reason I'm asking for interest is I procrastinate a LOT (as if my username didn't give that away!). Ususally, I'll start things and abandon them when I get bored, but if people have an interest, then it'll motivate me more ;p

  • procrastinator - I'd be really interested in the Pyxel tilemaps using XML. A capx would be great to see, no need for a written tutorial really. And feel free to use as many events as you need ;)

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  • rogueNoodle, here you go mate. It's a crude example. I never got round to making it more flexible since I abandoned it after getting the idea to do Fantasy Zone. Yes, I was going to do a simplistic golf game ;p No comments as I rarely comment ;) but it's small enough to understand I think. Let me know if you want a better example with added comments and I can work on that tonight.

  • procrastinator - First of all, thanks! That actually seems pretty straightforward. And secondly, finish that golf game because I really want to play it ;)

  • hahah thanks man. Well, I got a lot further with the golf game than you see there. The main reason I abandoned it (apart from the idea to work on FZ) was because the physics was screwing things up. I mean, if applying impulse at 4 is a nice distance, then surely impulse at 2 should be half of that? nope! it's more like 1/8th ;p That's when I thought "bugger this.. FZ here I come.." hahah I should've asked for help, but seemed much easier to start something new ;p Maybe one day... :)

  • I know what you mean - hard to not lose motivation on a project when a) something is going wrong with it and b) something more fun comes up :)

    Looking forward to Fantasy Clone ;)

  • Yeah too true! I have a hard enough time sticking to something as it is. For other people, I'm fine... for myself meh ;p That's why I like to help people out on the How Do I forum section when I have time. I have a solid challenge that I HAVE to see through. Plus I learn a lot about something that I wouldn't otherwise have bothered with.

    I should hopefully have Fantasy Clone (haha nice name ;p) done by the weekend. Who knows, if I can zone out tonight, I may have something sooner! :)

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