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  • Hello folks,

    I would like know if anywhere have a fan site pack, because I want to give support for my compatriots and having original images to place on the site would be great.

    Oh, and they don't speak any word in english, but I'll teach them how to use the Construct 2 =]

  • Check if a site in your language isn't listed here (else join that site to help it).

    And you can find C2's assets to use in the Press Kit.

    Does it answer your question ?

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  • For sure =]

    I'll make a Forum for my friends join in, and teaching some children to use C2 now in my weekends, maybe doing by this way I can see good games on soon. About link for the Communities, Our language is not set there, and we are away of it because Portuguese is not an universal language like english, chinese, etc. and in rare ocasions We have support, but the good site is what will happen, a new community made by good friends.

    Thanks you.

  • Well it reminds me of this topic.

    I know Brazilian portuguese is not exactly the same as "genuine" european Portuguese, but maybe is it close enough so both Brazilian and Portuguese can work together on building a forum/website/Portuguese community ?

    I think there are quite a lot of users on the site that speak this language and IMO it is a matter of gathering/coordinating and building things up.

    Just a suggestion.

  • Thanks Kyatric, you're awesome =]

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