Family instance creation and consecutive picking

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  • Hello fellas,

    just wanted to express my frustration about this old subject again.

    Imagine, I have a family with 50 different objects. I want to create a particular member of the family under particular condiditons in the game and adjust it properties according to another condition right after it's creation.

    In order to be able to do it, I have to write all possible conditions for each 50 members of the family. I can't even "generalize" some actions by assigning them to the whole family (e.g. it's not even possible to do something like this - create: GreenAlien > Aliens: setAnimationFrame to 5). It's just total masochism.

    Thanks to rexrainbow, there's a nickname plugin, which really helps. But there should be an official support (at least as an option) for creation by a local variable for people who don't care about obfuscation.

    But despite of this fact Construct2 is still the best software in the world :)

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  • You could could use the "on create" condition to simplify things a bit.

    On green alien created set frame to globalFrame, etc.

  • The problem is, that by using "on create" condition, you automatically lose previous conditions, after which the object was created. Yes it helps, but it is limited to actions, which are valid for all objects, unless you create another conditions for "on create".

    I think for games with complex multiple object logic (e.g. like board games) this limitation is a nightmare. It's like it diminishes 50% of the family object power.

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