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  • What do you think , should it be added ?

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  • Are you talking about adding a family to a container, or a container to a family?

    I can't really see any situation where either of these would be useful.

  • Containers to arrays , for example , when you want to add some containers to multiple objects that have the events , you need to add an array for each of these objects and picking conditions for each of those objects

    Or , when you have multiple tank bases that act totally differently, and you need a turret for each of them

    In my case , I am working on a rewind a la braid and I need to store each position each tick for multiple objects , now I'm repeating the events multiple times and this is counter-intuitive

  • I'll +1 this; ran into a situation that requires this just the other day:

    Multiple enemies, all with common behaviours and variables, sitting nicely in a family. Now I want each enemy to have a separate damage infliction hit box that moves around. Referring to each box requires some event sheet finagling that would be eliminated if I could simply call each damage box in the context of the family, instead of having to do weird things like for each family object -> pick nearest damage box just to let the engine know which one I'm talking about.

    Okay, that's a pretty straightforward example, but some of the stuff I was doing required some more complex gymnastics that I wasn't happy with.

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