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  • I've done a search, only results i can find relate to platform games.

    I have blocks that fall through the bottom of my level then teleport back up to where they should stand(but with some velocity so they dont settle as they should).

    I have experienced it a few times, it has eventually resolved itself(or i did without realising).

    • The bottom of my game is not a platform, everything is physics and solid.

    I've attempted changing things to just physics but I still get the overlap on the layout start.

    has anyone else experienced this?


    I do have anchors but made zero changes to them since my last export, ground and objects on ground anchored bottom and right. Controls and inventory is anchored top and left.

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  • anchors for Gui and won't play nice with Physics.

    Physics objects should only be playing with other Physics objects and no other behaviours relating to movement or position.

    double check your collision boxes

    those are the most common problems that crop up when learning C2 and using Physics. Physics in C2 uses a third party api known as Box2d, and Bosx2d isn't integrated with the rest C2 behaviours.

  • Cheers for response, collision boxes were fine(tried bounding box for all too).

    Turned out if I disabled the anchor for the platform on load layout it stopped it happening, the issue didn't happen when i F11'd preview and refreshed: only on apk install and full screen browser preview.

    Strange thing is i've had the anchor since Tues with no changes to its settings, something else must have been interfering.

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