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  • Hi guys...

    I have made html5 game.

    in this game I put some pot in some window, when window close a pot fall

    and when the pot touch floor the pot animation to pot broken in 0.5 second

    after that the pot invisible and reset pot position to first position.

    i have trouble with pot broken animation

    I can not stop and hold Y position of the pot when the pot collision with the floor

    and the Y position of pot not truly in first position when reset after collision.

    please help me this is the code

  • on something > play the animation "braking"

    on animation "breaking" finished > reset layout

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  • No, I mean the pot will hold at a second and play break animation after that pot will invisible and

    the position of pot reset as the first position not the layout reset.

  • This is hard to analyse, like for instance, why is there a b1 and b2 pot, what's the difference? Maybe if you upload a capx, we could help more!

    But from what I can gather. When you reposition the plant pot back up to the window, you're making it invisible, which hides the fact that you're plant pot is naturally falling because of the physics behaviour. So when the "Falling" events are triggered, it's not what you expected.

    We could definitely help more with a .capx!

  • I want make game like this gif

    and this is my capx.


    please help me.. i do need it.

    thank you so much for your help..

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