Do you use Facebook in your projects?

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  • Hello everyone,

    I was recently working in a project for someone that Facebook was required... I worked on it for WAY longer then it should have gone. Why? Maybe my noobiness, or Facebook's API changing a lot making it hard for devs to keep plugins up to date.

    I ended up going with FacebookComplete by lanceal (Thanks for the plugin), but even that I had some trouble with. (might have been because lanceal isn't updating it anymore... NOTE: It's understandable because of Facebook changing it's API)

    Here's my questions to all you other C2 Devs,

    • Do you use Facebook at all in your projects?
    • If so, For what features? (Leaderboard, basic info, sharing or?)
    • What plugin do you currently use? (Default plugin, FacebookComplete or a homemade or alternative plugin)
    • Is Facebook worth the hassle for you?

    Final question

    • What could be done to make Facebook easy to add?

    I appreciate any input from you guys!


    PS: This might all be just my noobiness

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  • I still work on it for people who ask. I'm working with a team on a rather large c2 project right now for a tv network. I'm bound by my contract so I can't discuss it, but yes I do still work on Facebook and other integrations. I just changed from a pay once for a plugin to an I'll work on your project with your team for a fee.

    Facebook isn't overly difficult to add. It's just annoying to keep updated for use in newer projects. But to answer your question. I'm usually tasked with adding feed sharing(stories) or picture, uploading to a users page, or Facebook payments.

    Less often I'm asked for adding scores, achievements, and gifting.

    The above is typically all anyone ever asks for. The only truly difficult task is adding the Facebook payments.

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