Facebook plugin not working anymore?

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  • I tried to use facebook plugin but Im getting this error. and when I try to publish wall post its not working?

  • I haven't been ale to figure out facebook and construct for the life of me yet, but I hope to be developing there someday too. Sorry that I can't answer your question

  • Facebook updates their API it seems like once every 1-2 months. Some updates break the official plugin for a short period of time while other updates have almost no affect. This update seems to have broken the plugin by renaming that permission. Let the developers know or you could find a third party to help you integrate Facebook. I've helped a few teams now integrate special features from Facebook into their apps.

  • I bought your plugin last time. Now its useless

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  • The friend info scope and stuff like that not available

  • aviata thats weird. No one else is having an issue. <img src="{SMILIES_PATH}/icon_e_smile.gif" alt=":)" title="Smile"> I dont actually sell it anymore though. Or do you mean that it stopped working due to a Facebook change and you didnt check for an update from me and assumed it stopped working without bothering to check?

    The last person to publish on Facebook with my assistance is live and accepting Facebook credits to boot at:


    Go check it out and you will see. If you wish to know why I don't email updates to paying customers it would be because only 1 person selected to allow me to email them into the future. So unless you were that person I couldn't help you until you messaged me. Drop me a message if you still have the plugin available.

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