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  • Hai friends, I am new in construct 2.i completed my pool game like miniclip 8 ball pool.

    everything working like a charm.i am uploaded my game in a server and it is working fine. and i can run through locally it is also working.

    now my problem is on start of the game i make a facebook login for players. the fblogin working fine for the above cases.

    when i export this game as html5 website and cordova project. the fb login not working.even i cant see any screen in my page.

    can any one help me to solve my problem.i need to convert this game into mobile apps.

    what i can do if facebook login will work for cordova exported project.i attached the screen shots too.

    1.this image is mobile app.the fblogin button not enabled.i cant click it.

    2.this image is server uploaded game.here i can login and i can play

    3.this image is i can able to login via fb.this is got from when i running my game from construct 2 locally.

    4.and i tried intel xdk also.same problem is repeated.the fb login button not enabled.

    my issue is i cant able to login and the fb login button not enabled in cordova project after i exported.

    pls help me to solve my problem

    thank you

  • guys pls help me to solve this problem and tell what is the mistakes

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  • :(

    Please stop multi-posting this same query in different sections.

    Any more duplicate posts will be deleted.

    Please remember users come from many different time zones so have patience when waiting for a response.

  • ok bro.thank you for ur response.i am waiting for the solution.i have less number of time to complete.

    sorry for my mistakes.

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