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  • Hi I'm wondering about how much Facebook integration is possible with Construct?

    I know that a high score list is possible.

    But what about in the game itself? For example, taking the name of a random friend of the player to use in a message box?or using the profile picture of a random friend as an icon.

    In particular I am thinking of randomly-generated names for NPCs that you have to save, so it feels like you are saving your actual friends when a little bubble pops up saying "<font face="Courier New, Courier, mono">Friend Name: Thank You!</font>")

    Are these kinds of things possible?

    And if they are?to open the topic up some more?what other kinds of things would be possible to implement into a game?

  • I'm not sure if you can get the name of a friend using the Facebook object, but there are third party plugins that might allow you to call some JavaScript or HTML so you can do so.pixel wall clock

    You can randomly generate a name yes, maybe using an array. Or you can store the names in a seperate text file then call them using JavaScript.

    You can use the players Facebook name, have a nice little welcome message or something.

    You can post to Facebook, achievements, scores ect.

    Later I'll make a example for you

  • All the features of the Facebook object are listed in the manual.

  • The manual doesn't make any mention of the things that I was asking about and I was wondering if they were possible as additional or advanced features or maybe with workarounds (like smitchell said?thanks dude).

    You shouldn't imply that I didn't already look for the answers to my question. Honestly it doesn't even look like you read my post, but gave me some kind of patronizing stock answer upon seeing the word "facebook".

  • Well looking at the Facebook javascript sdk, in particular here it appears that everything on Facebook is potentially accessible.

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  • Sorry noise, I didn't mean to be patronizing. If I could better word my response, I would say that the manual lists a complete reference of all the features the object has, so if you don't see it listed there, it's not supported - there's nothing advanced or hidden away that isn't mentioned in the manual. I'll add some of your ideas to our todo list though so hopefully they'll be possible in future.

  • If you need me to make a little capx showing some things you can do with Facebook, I'll be happy to.

    If you use the third party plugin(URL image) or div image (don't remember what it's called you can get the users profile picture quite easily, might be useful if you want in game avatars or something

  • Hi smitchell. Can you upload a capx file with facebook plugin top 10 leaderboard?

    Please is very importand!

  • Hi smitchell did you ever create a little capx with FB functionality? I have been looking into the manual, but maybe I missed a tutorial... any recommendations on how to learn the integration with FB (besides the Manual)?

    I want to check how to publish xxx friend beat your score in yyy game, invitations to your game from other friends in FB, login with your FB account to post your score, etc... and similar things that you can do with opengraph in FB.

    is this feasible with the FB functionality out of the box in C2 or should I start thinking about a plugin?


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