More Facebook changes coming July 10

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  • Your app, [Construct2 App] has not enabled the migration for the July 2013 Breaking Changes.

    Once you have confirmed your app is compliant or unaffected by the July 2013 Breaking Changes, set the migration setting to "Enabled" in the Advanced section of the App Dashboard. This will apply the July 2013 Breaking Changes to your app and prevent you from receiving future alerts about these changes.

    [Construct2 App], is currently using the following deprecated features:

    The publish_checkins extended permission.

    These changes will be permanently enabled for all apps in 23 days on Wednesday, July 10, 2013.

    I'm not really sure what this means, but I'm guessing "publish_checkins" is what Construct 2 games use to publish game scores to Facebook timelines (correct me if I'm wrong). Apparently we are required to replace this with the "Open Graph" story thing. When can we expect Construct 2 to have this feature, or is there a way to do it ourselves?

  • I don't think the Construct 2 engine or the official Facebook object make any use of the publish_checkins permission at all. The one for scores was different IIRC. Did you use a third party plugin?

  • You should be fine with any of the plugins. That particular change is for apps that allow users to 'check in' on their walls. You see them in your news feed all the time "friend x was at scirra hq with Tom and Ashley" I don't believe any of the plugins allow that currently. You can test it out yourself by enabling it now and trying all your features in the app. My apps are so far working fine with all breaking changes enabled.

  • Why would it say my app is using it then, if i'm not using any external plugins?

  • It's a generic warning all apps received. If you turn it on you will see that just doing that will send you another developer alert saying you fixed it. I've got 5 apps on Facebook, all of which received the warning. I've turned on all the breaking changes and things have been running smoothly for me.

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  • Yeah, I get that not only for apps, but for having comments on my website as well, and that's their own code.

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