Eye Opener: Native resolution of Games !

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  • Sorry to link to another forum, but because I was getting ready to make a Platform game for this:

    I started searching around to have a sense of the resolution that most games are created on to balance speed and graphics.


    This post is an eye opener.

    Apparently even today's title are released in 1024 pixels !

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  • Choose whatever you can manage. Construct 2 can upscale it. It's important to work with whatever is comfortable for you, because you'll most likely build a better game that way. That's my advice anyways. It's probably more important to choose a common screen aspect ratio than to worry about the resolution if you're going to worry about such things. The resolution doesn't determine whether the game is good or bad.

  • I hear you Prominent, but I am actually worried about resolution, I made a game called "Pigazoid" on Apple and Android two years ago and I spend 90% of the time [excluding graphic creation time] on technical issues trying to get these two devices to run Pigazoid smoothly using Actionscript 3[Flash].

    The experience was so bad [because I find myself programming pixel blitting and various hacks over and over again to juice out whatever little performance I can get] and the resolution was too late a decision to change that I have learned to take the resolution decision very seriously now.

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