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  • Hello & Thanks ,

    I finished the "Beginner's guide to Construct 2"

    and Exported it to my computer . Only to find out

    that it only executes from a website .

    That's a bit of a disappointment .

    Is there a way around this ?

    Also , does that mean when I click on SAVE in Construct2 environment , that it gets loaded out on the web somewhere ? Or is this Export_Locally_Feature available for a paid version ?


  • Just click "Preview" in Construct 2 to test your game locally. 'Export' is for when you want to publish your finished game.

  • vmars316: You probably should have a look at the manual and especially this and that manual entries.

  • Ah yes , the RUN button works fine .

    All the programs that I write are freeware ,

    see : portablefreeware.com/index.php

    Likewise , I was hoping that any games I make would also be freeware and executable on windows DeskTop or Browser .

    How can I make my Construct2 games run in a Local Browser , without having to be online ?


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  • With a license you can also use the node-webkit exporter to make desktop apps for Windows, Mac and Linux.

  • The free version allows you to create WIndows 8 apps, the licensed version allows you to create .exe's for desktop via node-webkit as Ashley pointed out.

    You should really read the manual and tutorials though before asking questions about basic functionality as it will save you a lot of time and effort. You can't really expect to figure it all out on day one without reading the documentation, and many folks on the forums will get frustrated quick answering questions that are answered extensively in the basic documentation.

  • Vmars316,

    Some of these responses may seem negative but TRUST me these guys are life savers once you get in the mix so dont be discouraged. Also I certainly understand the impulse to dive right in and start using C2 without the manual or the tutorials (it's a great program!) but unlike most manuals or beginners guides these actually help and are well worth the time to read. You even get achievements/rep for reading the manual.

    See you in the forums!

  • Ok Folks ,

    I am trying to discern what I can and cannot do with Construct2 .

    I am starting a reading program today . I am a slow reader but I will get it done ...Thanks

    A further thing I would like to know :

    One of the games I have in mind will need the ability for users to use their own .PNG's . Is that possible ?


  • Yes, use the Sprite object's 'Load image from URL'.

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