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  • Hello folks,

    okay so, decided to test some c2 exports on Ouya today, first thing that's apparent is awful performance.

    Exporting a full game with CocoonJS for an underpowered Chinese Android 4.1 tablet results in 30 fps, run the same export under their OUYA conditions with gamepad support results in 1-3 fps at best.

    So new test condition; blank layout, sprite to move around with the controller - 20-25 fps.

    Add a "spawn a bullet on A pressed" event and yay, 10-15 fps.

    Add a scrolling background in (4x 256x256 PNG's) with wrap and bullet behaviour - final count is 2-3 fps.

    2-3 fps with 7 sprites drawn? That's just silly!

    So, for now, totally unplayable Ouya builds of anything via CocoonJS?

    Or does Phonegap have some controller support as well that I've missed since I tried an export with that and it didnt register the gamepad input.

  • I ran with CocoonJS and had pretty good performance. 50+ with the new WebGL.

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  • Hmm, might be worth grabbing the C2 update then since i'm still running r139 here. Cheers

  • Probably a good idea. I believe there were some CJS improvements done in the intervening time since 139. Also Physics can be tricky to make sure it's working right. Though your comments don't sound like they were using physics.

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