Exporting games to Android Wear/Sony SmartWatch/Pebble?

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  • Hi all my name is Tal, Rather new to the program but loving every moment of its comfort and use.

    I Developed a small Breakout style game using C2 for Samsung Gear2 - Tizen (originally i made version 1.0 using Code only dev and my remade from scratch V2 that is being released to the store in a day or 2 was made with C2)

    I am wondering if i can open up more possible players of the my game by porting it to Android Wear, Sony SmartWatch 1 and 2, and Pebble perhaps..

    Thanx in advance for any help on the subject

  • Construct 2 games works on any platform that supports HTML5. I can confirm that simple C2 games runs great on Samsung Galaxy Gear (Tizen).

  • Hey sorry if I was a bit unclear in my post. Yes C2 games run amazing on Samsung Gear 2 Tizen OS. Since that is the smart watch I own I released a game for it. But I want to expand its exposure and port it to android wear, sony smart watch and perhaps pebble since I have less experience with these platforms and have not tried porting yet I was wondering if anyone here knows if HTML5 Code can easily be ported to them. Is it similar to exporting c2 to android for android wear ect... That is what I need help on porting existing C2 HTML5 Code designed mainly for Tizen for samsung gear (that obviously works on html5 platforms ) to new platforms I have less experience or in depth knowledge of the process to export the same project to android wear plus other smart watch platforms..

  • Those devices have their own apis from their manufacturers like sony's smartwatch 2. There are tiny browser apps in the playstore for the smartwatch so it would be possible if you wrapped a java coded app around your html5 game. But in my opinion smart watches are not ready yet. Mines in the corner collecting dust as its so weak... So I don't think there has been a reason for anyone to try targeting html5 games on such devices yet

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  • Well my currently released game on Samsung Gear 2 would beg to differ, Tizen is less complicated by far though i can export the game from C2 as Tizen or HTML5 drag it to Tizen Wearable SDK change a few parts of the index.html and add a tiny script for hardware specific action... and it works great... I dont know much about the Sony smart watch API but i found info online claiming that Android Wear supports HTML5 , so maybe it wouldn't be that hard. take for example the LG G watch, while Samsung Gear 2 can handle my game rather well, throw in a nice WebGL effect or 2 and the frame rate drops to unplayable but the LG G watch has a lot more horse power and could in theory run rather wonderful bite size games, Taking use of the gyro and the watches location on the wrist some classics beg to be re-imagined for it, off the top of my head vector blaster for Moto G watch, with the round screen and gyro control, i can say i would pay for such a game

  • I like smartwatch games and i play some watch games so, i want to share an url where everyone can find a lot of smartwatch games: teensystudios.com/press-kit

  • Anyone with a success for the Moto 360? My game for Wear is almost finished, then I'll give it a try.

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