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  • hello, i made a game, and when i export it so someone can test it, every time it says "game needs to be uploaded to work" what should i do? where to upload? can someone help me please?

  • You can't run browser games locally, so you need to upload your exported project to a web server of some kind. The Scirra Arcade, Kongregate, etc. are all capable of serving web pages, or you could take out a web hosting hosting with a service provider.

    By far the easiest method, though, is with a Dropbox account. Download and install Dropbox, create a public folder within it (literally just a folder called "Public", copy your whole project folder there, right-click index.html and select "copy public link" and paste that link into your web browser. Dropbox acts as a limited web server and gets the job done for testing and simple sharing.

  • thanks

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  • hmm, that thing doesn't work... here's link so i can prove it to you

  • I dont think that method has worked for some time

  • Oh, woah. I didn't realise that they canned public folders from free accounts. That sucks

    In that case, Cotix, I'd suggest that you take out a very basic web hosting package (there are even some free hosting options out there) for quickly sharing online.

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