How i can export to wii u?

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  • I would like to export my project to wii u and put it in the nintendo e shop? have i to pay something? What i have to do? Please Help me

  • well you'd need to be an approved developer by nintendo I think, which means you'd need to fill out a developer applicaion

    and I think you also need to buy a devkit but I am not sure about it, as all people in the program are under non disclosure agreement so nothing filters (I am under no NDA since I am not in this program).

    However do know that the HTML5 on wii U using the nintendo web framework simply does not work with webGL, and as a friendly reminder, WebGL isn't just for effects, it ensures the game runs fast, so I would not even bother, all the things I heard is that it is clunky, and not great perfs wise due to that.

    More infos should be discussed on the developers forums of nintendo I guess, but that requires a developper account.

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  • As Aphrodite has said, you should ask your questions on the nintendo forums, as there is a NDA between Scirra and Nintendo that prohibits discussion of the WII-U.

    So please, no more discussion of the WII-U here.

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