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  • hi, i'm new here and i have a question.

    i've read all the relevant things about exports (performance tips, export optimization etc..)

    but the question that bothers me is the next: do JPEG files get spritesheetd? i noticed that only sprites with png-32 export format do, but i can't find anywhere that it says that JPEG doesn't.

    i'm asking this because i have 250 frames animation, that can be exported in pure JPEG, but when it does i get 250 images, instead of a couple of spritesheets, so i'm guessing JPEG spritesheeting is not implemented? every frame is cropped and resized to 254x254 pixel

    am i missing something?

    i tried to search forum / manual / everything for answer but i couldn't find one. if it was already answered, sorry for the inconvinience, i'm new here

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  • No, JPEGs are not spritesheeted. I think it could add artefacts along the edges of images anyway. Why do you have such a large number of images you want to JPEG compress? Why not use PNG for them?

  • it's a animation that i use, whole animation is 250 frames, though i thought of reducing that number to 50, and still looks good.

    i thought jpegs get spritesheeted too - would be more optimized since no transparency need on that animation i've created.

    i guess i'll have to use png then. thnx for the answer Ashley.

    might i ask you aswell what kind of artefacts do you think jpeg spritesheeting might cause?

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